We are lucky to have a modern church complex, the beautiful church of Holy Ghost in the town centre, two priests and great community facilities. All this is looked after by a small team of paid staff, who are dedicated to serving you and who take pride in maintaining our parish to the highest standards.

We have had to make recent investments at St Bede’s and  Holy Ghost will need major work soon to maintain its historic nature. We need to keep our property in good order so that we can hand it to the next generation of Catholics in Basingstoke.

We contribute towards the works of the diocese too, including spreading the gospel through outreach work, supporting our cathedral, funding the important work of safeguarding vulnerable people, maintaining our schools so that a Catholic education is available for our children, assisting other parishes that are struggling financially.

We don’t get external funding to do all this work. Most of our income comes from you through the weekly collections. If we are to keep on maintaining our churches and supporting good causes, we need your help.

Give online with your bank card through our secure virtual collection basket

Gift Aid for UK taxpayers

Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, which means your donations will be worth 25% more to us at no extra cost to you. If you Gift Aid your donations we can claim back from the government 25p for every £1 you donate to the Church and the other charities that the Parish supports.

Money recovered from the taxman through this scheme forms a vital part of our annual income. In the tax year 2017/18 we reclaimed nearly £20,000 from HMRC.

Joining the scheme is very simple and straightforward, requiring little effort on your part.  All you have to do is:

  • be a UK income tax payer
  • download and sign a very short Gift Aid Declaration
  • make your future donations either by standing order, direct debit or by cash/cheque in the offertory plate, using envelopes that we supply
  • return your completed forms to the parish office

If you were able to join the Scheme, we and the other charities that the Parish supports would be very grateful.

Planned giving for non-UK taxpayers

If you are not an income tax payer you can still join our planned giving scheme using standing orders, direct debits or envelopes.

if you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your help.