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We are back!

Today our Candidates will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Cathedral in Portsmouth. Please keep all our Candidates, their Sponsors and families in your prayers. Thank you to all the Catechists who have prepared the young people, and all involved in organising the programme.

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Deacon Tony reflects

The moment is now

Jesus knows how urgent our response must be to our call to discipleship. Not until the end of this term, or until after the summer holidays, or until the moment feels right. For Jesus the right moment is now.

26 Jun 2022

A loving community

Jesus prays for his disciples and those who will follow them. This includes us. Do others see us as a loving community? Do we look out for one another?

29 May 2022

Now we are the church

As we hear in the 2nd reading, the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem bear the names of the apostles. We are their legacy, now we are the Church, the ones to share God’s word with those we meet.

22 May 2022