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Bishop Philip has issued a Pastoral Letter for the First Sunday of Advent which you can watch here: If you'd prefer to read the text yourself, you can download a copy of the letter here:

3 Dec 2023

During December, Pope Francis asks us to pray that people living with disabilities may be at the centre of attention in society, and that institutions may offer inclusive programs which value their active participation.

1 Dec 2023

St Bede's Kneeler Group is looking to increase the number of people stitching the kneelers. Have you admired the kneelers in the Church and wondered how they are made? To find out come along to our meeting on Saturday 2nd December at 1:30 pm in St Bede's Hall. We are a friendly, informal group who love to chat, drink tea and eat cake. This could be the opportunity to discover a talent you didn't know you had. No previous sewing skills required.

26 Nov 2023

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St Bede’s School supplementary information forms

– 12:15
St Bede’s Church, Basingstoke

Fr John will sign forms in St. Bede’s large meeting room. Please remember to bring a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.

Christmas karaoke night

– 21:30
St Bede’s Church, Basingstoke

Gather your loved ones for an evening of festive celebration! Whether you’re an experienced vocalist or simply enjoy singing in the shower, everyone is invited to join in the merriment and sing their favourite Christmas carols and tunes. All ages are welcome! Please bring a dish or your preferred party food to share.

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Deacon Tony reflects

See Christ in those in need

Jesus is pleading with us to see His face when we look at those in need. If we see Jesus and reach out to help, then we have hope of eternal life.

26 Nov 2023

Deacon Tony: A link in the chain

St John Henry Newman said: God has created me to do Him some definite service. I have my mission. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.

19 Nov 2023

We do not know the day or hour

At the end of each day, we are encouraged to reflect on the day we have just experienced - have I made good choices? And, if God spares me, what will I do differently tomorrow?

12 Nov 2023