Synod – Communion, Participation, Mission

Pope Francis is gathering the entire church across the world for a time of discernment, listening, prayer and dialog.

He wants every single person to be listened to; whether you are a regular churchgoer, rarely or never practice your faith, or have no faith.

This listening isn’t a one-off activity – it’s a new way of journeying together as the People of God, to share the work of discernment and listen together to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us about how the Church should be in the 21st century.

If this process is to be authentic, we must take great care to make sure that all we do, say and hear is rooted in prayer, the Sacred Scriptures and Tradition and the Liturgy of the Church – the ways the Holy Spirit inspires and influences us daily.

The question

To help focus our thoughts for this new synodal process, we have a question to unpack:

What changes need to be made – in myself, in our parish and in the Diocese – to make the Church’s mission today more vibrant and effective?

To help you answer, here are some thoughts to consider:

  • How can we be more welcoming as a Christian community?
  • To whom do we listen?
  • How can we be more honest in our dealings with each other?
  • How might we celebrate better the Liturgy in our parish?
  • How well do we work together as clergy and laity for the mission of the Church?
  • How can our group, parish, diocese and the Church be more outward-facing?
  • In what ways might we improve our dialogue and relationship with other Christians?
  • How can we make the Church more participatory and increase co-responsibility?
  • In a synodal-style Church, what new processes of decision-making and decision-taking are needed? How transparent and accountable are the decisions made?
  • How do we form people to make them more capable of “journeying together”?

My response

Once you have reflected on the question, please type your response below.

    Please don’t include any information that could identify you or anybody else.

    What happens next?

    All the responses from our parish will be collated and fed into our diocese’s official response to the Holy Father’s invitation to speak and to be listened to in these earliest stages of our becoming a synodal church.

    If you want to know more about the synodal process, check out these FAQs.

    Thank you for participating!