Visiting St Bede’s for private prayer

St Bede’s church is open every day for private prayer. Please check the latest newsletter for opening times.

In order to keep everyone safe, please follow these instructions:

Apply hand sanitiser when entering the church. Either bring your own or use the one provided inside the entrance to the cloister.

If you have your own single-use gloves, please bring them with you.

Follow the one-way system, which has been clearly marked out with arrows on the floor.

Observe 2 metre social distancing at all times unless you are from the same household

Follow the instructions of the ushers. They have volunteered to help keep us all safe

Only sit in seats marked with a tick.

A cross means please don’t sit here, so that we can ensure spacing.

Use the antibacterial wipes provided to wipe your seating area as you leave the church

Take your belongings home when you leave the church

Don’t wait in the cloister area. This will ensure that people can safely enter and exit the church

Don’t visit the church if you are unwell, shielding or in a vulnerable category

Candles are available in the area in front of the statue of Our Lady. To reduce coin handling, a donation of a £1 coin can be used for four candles.

All kneelers and chairs in the church have been removed. There is no Holy Water in the font. The cloister, toilets, hall and meeting rooms are closed.

At the current time Holy Ghost church will remain closed, whilst we concentrate our efforts on getting the correct social distancing procedures in place at St Bede’s.