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Parish Priest Fr Chris Rutledge
Assistant Priest Fr Gerry Onyejuluwa
Secretary Liz Murphy
Facilities Manager Stephen Flitcroft
Treasurer Jan Hughes
Registrars Mo Bedford, Mary Huntley
Cleaners Terri Vincent, Liz Flitcroft 
Safeguarding Officer
Jan Hughes

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Fr Chris Rutledge, parish priest

Fr Chris was born in Gosport in 1958. While working as a manager of a large shoe shop, he was drawn to ministry and was ordained priest in 1995. He has previously served in parishes in Windsor, Winchester, our neighbouring parish of Hook, and Bracknell. He has been our parish priest since September 2013.


Going into hospital

If you are admitted to Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital and wish for a Catholic priest or deacon to visit, please notify the ward staff or hospital switchboard. They will contact the on-call Chaplain who will determine the need and call one of the local clergy.

Grow your giving with Gift Aid

If you are a tax-payer you can increase the value of all the offerings that you give to the parish by ‘Gift-Aiding’ the money. Without giving any more than you do now, you could be providing the Church with 25% extra cash courtesy of the UK Government. The process is simple – just one form to complete and sign, then we supply numbered envelopes for you to use each week. Alternatively, you can complete a Bankers’ Order for a weekly or monthly amount you wish to give. For more information ask at the parish office.